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The revolution in RCR!

This new release of Taylor Stitcher is based on the winning technology developed by NCS Lab in the earlier versions of this device, dedicated to the transosseous shoulder RCR. Today we have implemented a different, small pointer for superior handling and precision.

Elite-SPK® is a radio-transparent device for repair the rotator cuff via transosseous.

The device can be used in both arthroscopic and mini-open surgery. The tightness is optimal thanks to its particular geometry which acts on the cortex of the humerus and the use of high resistance transosseous sutures that prevent the phenomena of "bone cutting" and "pull out" of the system.

Sharc-FT® is a device for both arthroscopic and open repair of shoulder’s rotator cuff.

The strength of the system is given by the lateral cortex of humerus. Moreover, thanks to use of transosseous high-strength sutures, Sharc-FT® ensures the realization of a wide-based construct (foot-print reconstruction) and provides a strong anchoring of the tendon to the humeral head avoiding the “bone cutting” phenomenon.

Area Scientifica


Knowledge gives knowledge. This is why we decided to share some piece of our with our specialist and technical guests. The scientific area includes articles and press releases edited by our specialists and published in scientific magazines, abstracts of our interest, bibliographies that can be used to go into projects, ideas and specific topics, more documents concerning the scientific and medical literature.

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Prodotti e Servizi


We develop products and services for health and wellness, sport and medical environment. We collaborate with specialists and technicians of different fields. Our applications range from the development of methods for the functional evaluation and diagnosis in the field of rehabilitation and sports to the R&D and manufacture of biomedical devices and implants, designed and dedicated especially to turn arthroscopic techniques even more effective.

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